Monday, June 16, 2014

MODIFY A/W 2014 - S U P E R M O D E L S I S S U E -

Super Model Issue
Who you really are when you see the reflection in the mirror? And how often do you wish to be a person that you really adore? How often do you wish to look good and fabulous? That happens, to you, to  us, and to them, it is pretty normal. To have a perfect body, a good hair, or even the good legs are the thing that people dream of, and they often wish to have those things as good as the models. Because they can pull off white shirt and jeans, and it looks deadly perfect in them. Model is a model and we are who we are. So, is there any kind of red line who can connect them?
Modify comes up with autumn/winter 2014 collection which is called “Model Issue”. There is Cole Mohr, Cara Delevigne and some others, they will represent your personality, you might don’t have a perfect body like them, but your personality could be the same. Then again who needs a perfect body when perfection can be boring. Size doesn’t really matter, in fact one of the super models said “Imperfection is perfect.”
Each design of this collection is very affordable, the price started from 165K-395K. So how to get “Super Model Issue” collection? You simply can reach our line (qumie), or follow our instagram @modifins, blog: And for further information contact us 08811807014

Special thanks to : 

PHOTOGRAPHER MUA - Adhitya firmansyah // @RaditGLAM
AST -  Ade Satriawan // @adeesatriawan
VIDEOGRAPHER - Guff // @gufper 
TALENT - Septian Chandra //@chand093
  Nabhila Anastri // @nabhilans
STYLIST - Helmy Hazairin // @qumiew

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